Creating safe spaces

The project’s main goal is to create resources and conduct workshops to strengthen and promote the cycle of violence protection, prevention and detection involving a multi stakeholder approach: targeting the educational sector (12-16-year-old students and education professionals), the primary healthcare system (families of 12-16-year-olds), and the mental health system (special cases in high emotional risk).

Children and

DIGITAL PACK. Loving ourselves to reconnect with one another DIGITAL PACK. Cyberviolence: my role


DIGITAL PACK. Taking care of yourself to support your students DIGITAL PACK. Creating a bond: the key to foster a safe space


DIGITAL PACK. Creating Safe Spaces at home to prevent violence

Special intervention (High Emotional Risk)

RESCCUE does not provide publicly available resources for the special intervention because it is a medical intervention that should only be carried out by mental health professionals.